Thursday, 26 February 2015

How the movie, " The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" taught us the essence of motorcycling

A quote by Benjamin Button is by far the best description for the essence of motorcycling

" For what it’s worth: it’s never too late or, in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be.
There’s no time limit, stop whenever you want.
You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing.
We can make the best or the worst of it.
I hope you make the best of it.
And I hope you see things that startle you.
I hope you feel things you never felt before.
I hope you meet people with a different point of view.
I hope you live a life you’re proud of.
If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again. ”
the curious case of benjamin button motorcycle scene brad pitt royal enfield

Yes, this is a quote from the movie, "The Curios Case of Benjamin Button", which was an adaptation of the 1922 short story of the same name written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The movie was simply brilliant and showcased an uniquely elegant storyline, which helped it to get 13 Academy Award nominations and grab 3 Oscars. But let's concentrate on this quote shall we. 

brad-pitt-curious case of benjamin button-riding-royal-enfield-bullet.jpg
Brad Pitt repairing his Royal Enfield Bullet (from the movie)
In the movie, this quote was narrated by Brad Pitt, while he wandered around India on his Royal Enfield while he was in his 20's. But the only reason why this excerpt is so dear to me is because, it is the best ever description of why we ride on our motorcycles. In the movie, Brad Pitt has been portrayed as a man who ages reversely. Mr. Benjamin (played by Brad Pitt) loves riding and can be seen riding a number of classic motorcycles, including Indian Scout, Triumph and a Royal Enfield.

The quote was written as a letter to his lover Daisy (played by Cate Blanchett), while Benjamin was touring India. He pursued a simple life, mingled with the locals and lived off his backpack just like a vagabond. Brad Pitt as Benjamin even toured Leh Ladakh & the Khardung La pass, which is highest motorable road in the world. He worked in a garage to repair his Royal Enfield Bullet and also earn a living.

I personally think this is by far the best lines that has completely captured the true essence of motorcycling. And if you disagree, do what I did. Download a audio sample of these lines. Put on your earphones, and play it while you ride your motorcycle ( preferably solo ) and go where the road leads. When these lines echo in your ears, coupled with the steady rumbling of your motorcycle and the cool breeze, you will feel free and ecstatic. And then my friend you'll know what I am talking about. 
And if you have a better movie excerpt that has similar ring to it, feel free to comment and share the same below the post. Happy motorcycling.

Monday, 23 February 2015

3 new models of Royal Enfield & a twin cylinder engine variant to be launched in 2016

2016 will mark the starting of another era for Royal Enfield. The 114 year old motorcycle manufacturer will bring forth not one, but 3 different brand new models for domestic as well as international markets. One of them being powered by a scintillating 750 cc parallel twin-cylinder engine at it's core. The remaining two will showcase a robust 410 cubic centimeter single cylinder overhead cam engine. One of these would probably be a scrambler-style model.

royal enfield twin cylinder engine

This epic news came from the recently set technology centre at the English county of Leicestershire, U.K. According to the sources, the two 410 cc models are nearing completion. But for the model having the parallel twin engine, the cubic capacity is still tentative and might be subjected to change.

In the upcoming year, the Chennai based motorcycle producer might also launch a few variants of these 3 models. We are already aware that RE has filed for trademarking "Himalayan" as a model name, and probably it would be powered by a 410cc engine. But for the revolutionary twin cylinder engine, the design and development would be carried out in the upcoming facility in U.K.
royal enfield scrambler 410cc
Modified RE scrambler ( Not the actual 2016 motorcycle )
To provide further impetus to the upcoming models and to strengthen the international market capture of the brand, RE has also recruited the former Project Manager of Triumph motorcycles, Mr. Simon Warburton. Not only that, to establish a perfect blend of retro look and the essence of pure motorcycling, renowned former Ducati designer Pierre Terblanche would also lend his wisdom and vision.

RE had planned a lot for the upcoming year. Enfield CEO Mr. Siddhartha Lal has taken a gallant step to make the company's presence felt in the global market as well as meet the increasing demand. The company has carefully monitored the customers' need and financial capabilities in the home market, before commencing this face lift. Harley Davidson's defeat in sales figures in 2014 has already indicated that unit sales are on RE's side and the 3 new models of Royal Enfield along with a twin cylinder engine variant will further strengthen their foothold and dominance worldwide.

Friday, 20 February 2015

The moment when U.S. President Barrack Obama gave thumbs up to Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield bike stunt on the 66th Republic Day parade

It was a sunny holiday, and we Indians were celebrating our National Holiday. We were filled with patriotism and were jubilant and relaxed, thanks to the 3 day long weekend. Most of us were glued to our respective television sets and were watching the Republic Day parade at the Rajpath. But one thing that grabbed my attention was when President Barrack Obama gave thumbs up to BSF daredevils, mounted over their Royal Enfield.

barrack obama thums up republic day bike stunt
Barrack Obama while watching Bike Stunts on Republic Day at Rajpath
President Obama was the first American President to be the Chief Guest at the Republic Day parade. He & first lady Michelle Obama, sat beside Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to gaze upon the processions. They witnessed various tabloids from various states that showcased Indian heritage, culture, landscape and various technology used by the Indian Army. After that, it was time for the bike stunts. It was the segment of the parade that I and million others had relished since childhood and still it never ceases to amazes us.

66th republic day bike stunt
Some of the stunts performed
The Border Security Force (BSF) stunt riders, also known as India's Daredevils or Janbaaz, performed various stunts while aboard their Royal Enfield. Their showcased various formations which were an extraordinary feat in itself. The flexibility, control, balance and motorcycling expertise was simple impeccable. Check out all the stunts performed in the video below

Even the POTUS acknowledged that and gave them a thumbs up. "I saw the Republic Day daredevils on Royal Enfield motorcycles," Mr Obama said, addressing 2000 people at Delhi's Siri Fort auditorium. He joked saying, "Unfortunately the secret service doesn't let me ride motorcycles, especially not on my head". Michelle Obama too was awed by their performance and couldn't stop applauding.

Later while addressing various top CEOs, President Obama said, "I would, by the way, not drive a motorcycle after watching those incredible acrobats,". He was so impressed by the performance of the stunt riders on the 66th Republic Day parade, he mentioned them three times while conversing that day.

When Barrack Obama gave thumbs up to Royal Enfield, it was a huge promotion in itself, and soon after, the Chennai based motorcycle manufacturer declared the launch of two technology centers. After all, getting a thumbs up from the world's 2nd most powerful man does matter a lot.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Royal Enfield will expand & set up technology centre in the United Kingdom

If sources are to be believed, Royal Enfield is about to expand and has invested over 52 million Pounds to set up a couple of technology centers. One of these centers would be set up in the hometown of RE, i.e. Chennai and the other one at the United Kingdom. The aim of these technology center is to help them revolutionize the technology associated with the motorcycle and as well as help them increase annual production.

royal enfield uk expansion
Royal Enfield expands in Chennai & UK
2014 was an immensely fruitful year for the 114 year old motorcycle producer. It was able to sell over 3 lakh units globally, and shadowed the sales of Harley Davidson. Now they want to up the ante and rev up the production to 4.5 lakh units per year. The current production facility and resources allow them to generate only 4 lakh units. But the opening of these 2 technology centers would help them churn out many more beasts per year and meet the global demand.

Apart from the above mentioned reasons, RE also wants to attain better grip on the global mid-sized motorcycle market. Construction and setting up of these centers is undergoing under a steady pace, and the UK center would be operational by the end of 2015, while the Chennai plat will be up and running by 2016.

Opening of such technology and R&D hubs would definitely help RE remain at par with the tech quotient of their motorcycles while strictly adhering to the cool retro vibe of the 60's. Also, the increase in production would help to reduce the long waiting period associated with Royal Enfield while promoting pure motorcycling globally.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Royal Enfield CEO, Mr. Lal narrates why owners are in love with their Enfields

The distinct flavour i.e. Pure Motorcycling, that sets Royal Enfield apart

Royal Enfield, the oldest production motorcycle brand has definitely stood the test of time. But every now and then, it receives criticism from the masses while being compared to the heavy and powerful machines that the current market has to offer. To clear the fog, Eicher Motors CEO & Managing Director Siddhartha Lal stepped forward and explained why Enfield motorcycle has such a devoted fan following, and why it still produces retro motorcycles and not bulky expensive ones.

Lal's answer was simple, short & straight-forward. "Pure motorcycling", thats what RE has and will always stand for. He said that over the years, motorcycles has become bulky, expensive and horrendously powerful, thus becoming objects to own & not enjoy. Motorcycle industry can be roughly segregated into two categories.
  • For daily commuting needs ( Small bikes )
  • Leisure motorcycling ( RE )
But the current market trend and desire for more powerful motorcycle has generated giants featuring over a litre capacity engines and havings specs of over 180 hp. Thus it is almost impossible for men/ women riding it to get the complete potential out of these motorcycles without risking their lives. To add up, owning, insuring and maintaining such a motorcycle over a period of time, will burn a hole in your pocket.

He said that, back in the 60's the motorcycling kingdom was dominated by the mid-sized motorcycles, the likes of Royal Enfield, Triumph & Norton. But with time these mid-sized bikes evolved into large bike and people gradually started reverting from the mid-segment motorcycles. But Lal's vision is to bring back the glory days and instill faith and attachment of the people with mid-sized motorcycles with the pure motorcycling experience.

According to Lal, every motorcycle produced by RE is easily accessible and is built for joy and not for ego. They have great handling and have ample and most importantly creates a strong bond with the rider. Finally Lal revealed the significant quality of Royal Enfield that makes millions drool over it. He said, “Motorcycling must be accessible. The bikes must be easy to ride, easy to modify and to maintain. If you drop the bike, you should be able to pick it up, and keep riding.” Siddhartha has put in a lot of hard work over the past decade to bring RE to the position it currently relishes. He recently launched RE in Colombia and has strong presence in over 20 countries.

Royal Enfield Himalayan: The new 400cc adventure tourer

It was earlier rumoured that a adventure-tourer was going to be launched by the Chennai based motorcycle manufacturer. In our earlier post, we did find out the specification of the same and what it might have in store for us. But recently it was revealed that the company has named it "Royal Enfield Himalayan", and has applied for trademark.
Royal Enfield Himalayan

The design of the motorcycle is still under tight wraps, and is being designed by the renowned Pierre Terblanche, who is best known for designing the Ducati 999/749, The Hypermotard, Multistrada, Sport Classic. e.t.c. He had joined RE last year and given his vision and past experience, his new design on the Himalayan would be a sight to behold.

The Himalayan would flaunt a 400cc engine, which would be a bored-out version of the Classic 350. It would give the new RE, 40Nm of torque, which is 30% more than the Classic. The chassis would be borrowed from the Continental GT, thus giving it a retro, lean and classy look.

The motorcycle is still in it's fabrication and design phase and according to speculations, RE will start testing this elegant tourer by the end of 2015. The name provided to this adventure-tourer is apt but it's a pity that Royal Enfield enthusiasts would have to wait another year to get their hands on one.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Royal Enfield USA: The journey from the museum to the road

Americans love automobiles. Let it be top end cars, hot rods, monster trucks, you can find it all in the States. But they are equally passionate about motorcycles too. They like their heavy duty Harley Davidson, their radical and rebellious choppers and even sports bikes from all over the globe. But for me, the best vibe was set by Mickey Rourke in the Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man.
Royal Enfield USA

After watching the tough biker with his cowboy hat wearing friend on their bikes, all I could think of was what would it be like if they rode a Royal Enfield for a change. Then I came to know that in 1991, when the movie was released, the only way an American could see a Royal Enfield on the highway was when it was participating in a vintage bike run or while heading to a local museum. But now after more than 2 decades, things are a bit different.

After taking full control over 114 year old motorcycle company in 1994, CEO Siddhartha Lal of Eicher Motors Ltd. he made sure that the company ran within the family and tried not to sell it out. He was only 26 then. Now after 10 years, the success of the company tells its own tale.

Over the years, RE has expanded globally, and has created a robust dealer network in America. Few newer RE stores are showing up in The Rock Store on Mulholland or Newcomb’s Ranch on the Angeles Crest Highway.

During his visit to California last year, Mr. Lal rectified everyone and commented that Royal Enfield is committed only to "pure motorcycling" and nothing else. He said, “Our bikes are not conceived with a retro bend in mind. We are an old-school company.” According to him for the American market, the real game changers would be The Continental GT & The Bullet Classic.
royal enfield Continental GT 535 cc & 250 cc face off
The Continental GT 535 cc & 250 cc face off

The GT is an improved reincarnation of the 1965 model of the Cafe racer. The GT is stylish, retro & slim, & weighs mere 410 pound. And the gas tank is bound to remind you of a 1960s Norton. Savvy!

The bikes from the stables of RE would not be able to compete with other heavily built bikes on terms of braking, horsepower or acceleration, but it will surely give you the certain pleasure of a robust motorcycle that's for sure. Lal said that, the motive of the Royal Enfield USA was to make motorcycling accessible among the masses and to make it a fun affair. These bikes aren't that fast, or heavy and neither is it expensive. Hence it is easy to own, maintain, modify and is as sturdy as a rock. Given the vision, growth and response, we are bound to see a lot of Enfields thumping over the tarmac of America soon.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Royal Enfield exclusive store launch in Bogota, Colombia

In 18th July 2014, Corbeta group became the exclusive distributor of Royal Enfield in Colombia, with total control over supply, service, marketing and distribution of RE products. In early 2015, RE finally launched their motorcycles in Colombia, which included the Bullet, Classic, Continental GT as well as the Rumbler range. The Corbeta group subsequently opened new showrooms to set the dealer sub-frame.
royal enfield colombia
The Store
Finally in 10th February 2015, RE Columbia invited specialized media in Bogota to showcase their complete portfolio and also to give them the opportunity to experience "Pure Motorcycling". This term that was coined by CEO Siddhartha Lal, about which he explained in an interview in 2014. In the event organized, invited riders were given the opportunity to tour Bogota on the Royal Enfield of their choice. The tour started from the winding scenic roads of Bogota up to the Tomine dam, and back. The riders finished their journey by sun down and arrived at the Avenue 19, Street 134, thus marking the formal opening of the official store.
royal enfield colombia
royal enfield colombia

The crowd carefully analyzed & scrutinized each and every automotive marvel from the stables of RE. At the end they found the Continental GT & the Classic to be the most alluring and elegant. For them, the GT was quintessentially a cafe racer inspired from the 1965 model, and the Classic was a splendid concoction of a street motorcycle with beautiful retro-styling resembling that of the post-war era. The Classic for the Colombian crowd was really intriguing, which radiated the heritage of RE as a company and also strengthened the bond between man & motorcycle. Pure motorcycling indeed!

The tour started with 23 riders saddling over a number of Classics, Rumbler, Bullet & the Continental GT. They started off from the Tramonti restaurant, and stopped at a beautiful landscape for an official photo session. Then all the riders thumped their way to the town of Guatavita, and finally to Tomine. All the riders had their lunch there, but were confined to the restaurant there due to heavy rain. This was an excellent opportunity for the riders to chat and share their individual experience about their motorcycle to others. After another session of photography over the beautiful landscape in the afternoon, they headed back to the capital.
royal enfield launch colombia
The concept of the store is quite typical and resembles those in other nations as well. The store would have ample space and a feel good ambiance. There were only a single motorcycle of each brand in the display, which acted as a framework for their new collection, i.e. the "Dispatch Riders".

Royal Enfield Colombia will also launch various accessories and riding gear in their store as well. The aim of the Chennai based motorcycle manufacturer has always been to be at the pinnacle of mid-segment capacity motorcycles, in the 350 to 500 cc range. So to mark a step forward towards achieving this goal, RE launched their bikes in the fast growing Colombian market.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

16 reasons why you should never buy a Royal Enfield

I bet, most of us at some point of our lives would have been fascinated with a Royal Enfield. We were so blinded with its sheer power and grace, that we almost neglected it's flaws.
So to simply prove a point, I have penned down, 16 reasons stating why you should never buy a Enfield.
why you should never buy a royal enfield

  1. They are so ugly that they make heads turn.
  2. It generates a lot of thumping which unintentionally excites you
  3. Riding a Bullet provides more fun per litre than any other bike. Hence it is a skid mark in our abysmal monotonous life.
  4. It compels you to leave your house and take unwanted long rides.
  5. You start to care more for your bike than yourself.
  6. You arrive late at  family functions, even though you are happy.
  7. You get addicted to leaning your bike at sharp turns.
  8. You waste a lot of your time by taking the long way to home.
  9. Paparazzi might have a thing or two for your bike. 
  10. While riding other bikes, it would feel as if you are riding rice rockets.
  11. In extreme circumstances, you might even become popular which will make you feel like the slutty sister of prestige (Source - Birdman)
  12. You have to say "No" to your friends every time they wish to have a quick ride.
  13. Road trips with you car won't excite you as it used to.
  14. You would miss getting sore saddles within short distances.
  15. Each of the bikes are hand painted. Such a turn off. Who would ever want their bikes to be personally pinstriped by an artist.
  16. You would start making lame efforts of cornering your car as well.
    cornering a car

Thus for all the haters out there, we have put forward the exact reasons, why people should never buy a Royal Enfield.
Feel free to comment and let others aware of other such shortcoming, if any.

Monday, 9 February 2015

An artist's canvas: Hand-painting a Royal Enfield

Apart from numerous accolades which were embraced by the Chennai based motorcycle manufacturer, pinstriping or hand-painting of every Royal Enfield persists to be an amazing feat. Especially when a company sells over 3 lakh bikes in 2014.
pinstriped royal enfield
Someone's Enfield, someone's canvas
Technology and demand has steered automobile manufacturers to adopt computerized vinyl cutters and robotic arms to paint almost each and every elements. Hence the art of pinstriping has transformed into a dying art, and have been resorted only for very intricate details or enthusiasts who don't mind spending a fortune on paint jobs.

But for RE, precision and epic craftsmanship has always been the important factors that differentiated them from other bike makers globally. So in the assembly line, over 300 skilled people assemble the bike ground up and even hand paint them.

Royal Enfield is proud to hand-paint each and every motorbike they've produced and make sure that it is still done the old fashioned way. They hire the steadiest hands and let them use the motorcycle as their canvas. In an episode of Jay Leno's garage,Vice President Ron Greene of Royal Enfield US said that the artistic pin-striping on RE is done by two brothers, whose identity weren't revealed. Even though RE ensures that their creations evolve with time, but strictly involves human intervention in their manufacturing line. And this is the aspect that provides every RE, it's soul.

7 Packing tips for motorcycle touring

Motorcycle touring is great fun. But when it comes to road trips on motorcycles, packing your essentials carefully does play a vital role. Generally while embarking a trip, we look into every detail including, routes, accommodations, destinations to visit and possible rest areas. But seldom do we plan while packing our luggages.
packing tips motorcycle touring

There are some travelers, who like traveling with the bare necessities, i.e. only with an extra pair of socks and toothbrush. But for the not so spontaneous travelers, you need to keep the below mentioned things in mind while packing for your next adventure.

    motorcycle packing
  1. Sorry Sir! No boot space - With car comes boot space, but with motorcycles, well, not so much. Even if you have a full fledged touring motorcycle, space is one thing which you don't have in abundance. So you need to pack the basic necessities in the order of priority. If you don't have a touring bike, then you need to make sure that harnessing your luggage should not wreck any on your belongings. So keep fragile items at bay.
  2. Small things come in big packages - Do you really need a month long supply of hair gel and toothbrush on a trip which would only span a weekend? So travel with a decent amount of belongings like a single comb, a small tube of toothpaste/ hair gel, small bottle of cologne, stuffs like that. Make sure that you throw the cardboard casing of these resources before keeping it in your bag. They do take up a lot of space and during your trip no one would ask for detailed description of the products you personally use.
  3. Bags that are slim yet sexy - While packing you need to maintain a delicate balance between the amount the things you can stack in your bag and also how heavy and bulky your bag would feel once its all wrapped up. If you over pack, it might prevent you from taking hassle-free long rides and can also jeopardize the condition of the contents in it. If you too much empty space, your travel bag would transform into a sack/ sachet and might not even be able to withstand the gusts of wind while riding.
  4. Bullet-proof vests: Check - Come on ! There is no need for you to travel with your complete wardrobe. But while touring, emphasize on packing thin layered clothing. They are light, flexible and almost wrinkle free.
  5. Man vs Bike - Touring is a strenuous affair, but it doesn't burn a lot of calories. After all it's you motorcycle which is doing all the hard work over miles of asphalt. But when hunger strikes or in case of emergency, make sure you always carry a few sticks of energy bars and few bottles of water with electrolyte. And once you are done eating or having the reserve snacks make sure you visit the immediate gas to refill your reserve.

    packing for your bike trip
  6. Packing, work of art - While packing, try your level best to make you packing in the form of a pyramid, so that all the weight is evenly distributed horizontally. So that when you lean or take sharp turns, the weight of your baggage gets evenly distributed on both sides. Put the heavier and more rigid items below, followed by the lighter ones on top. Such arrangement will ensure proper packing and also provide a proper structure to your bags.

  7. The mechanic in you - Even if yours is a well maintained bike, prior to your trip make sure you check your motorcycle's tires, controls, lights, oil & fluid, chassis & stands. Also ensure that the motorcycle tool-kit is present at a points of time. If you would be using a GPS, make sure that the relevant maps are loaded in it, and is properly charged.

    Motorcycle touring tool kit
The above mentioned points are just the tip of an iceberg. When it comes to motorcycling touring the expectation varies from person to person and their own taste. So, travel light, pack only what's needed and most importantly travel safe.
And don't worry if you ever forget your way during the trip. Cherish the moment, enjoy the nature and remember "Not all those who wander are lost".

Thursday, 5 February 2015

The mystery of the "Bullet Baba Temple"

Weird story about Royal Enfield Bullet

Royal Enfield has always cherished a larger than life fan following in India and is even considered to be a pseudo-religion in its own. But you would be surprised to know that at Om Banna near Jaipur there actually exists a Bullet Baba Temple, where villagers & travellers worship a 350 cc Bullet.
Bullet Baba temple
The 350cc Bullet at Om Banna
Om Banna is a shrine located in the Pali district near Jaipur. In 1988, Om Singh Rathode was travelling from the town of Bangdi to Chotia. Suddenly he lost control of his Bullet and stuck a tree. The sheer impact killed him on the spot and landed the motorcycle in a ditch. Next morning, local police took the Bullet from the ditch to a nearby police station. Next day the bike was reported to be missing from the police impound, only to be traced back to the site of the accident. Police again took the bike back to the impound, but this time, emptied the fuel tank and locked it with chains. Despite such desperate measures, the motorcycle again disappeared and was again traced back to the accident site. If legendas are to be believed, the Bullet kept returning to the ditch and foiled every attempt made by the police.
Om Banna
The tree where it all happened
Such supernatural recurring events were nothing short of a miracle and soon it became a figure to be worshipped. Villagers started worshiping the Bullet and in no time people from adjacent villages too started visiting to worship the motorcycle. According to popular beliefs, Om Singh Rathode's ( aka Om Banna ) spirit aids distressed travellers. The temple has a tree decorated with bangles & scarves and the temple beside the holy Enfield motorcycle has a large picture of Singh. Poonam Giri has been maintaining the temple for the past 20 years and has been appointed as the acting priest.

The shrine of Om Banna, where Royal Enfield Bullet is worshiped draws its name from Om Singh Rathode, the person who lost his life in the accident and is popularly known as the "Bullet Baba Temple". It was erected at the same place where the accident took place, and passersby bow down and pray to keep troubles at bay. The temple of Bullet Baba is 20 km from Pali on National Highway 65.
Baba Ji ki jai !!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Tailgunner Silencer: A rotating exhaust for your Royal Enfield

A few days ago I caught a glimpse of a Tailgunner for Royal Enfield while roaming through the streets. It was simply awesome to hear the loud thumping of the Thunderbird along with the rotating silencer, who's speed was synchronized with the bike's throttle. It is one of those rate occasions when you get to catch a glimpse of these amazing exhausts, that too on a RE. So I tried to find out it's price.
Rotating silencer for royal enfield
Rotating silencer

These exhausts were made popular when they were fitted to the Harley Davidson motorcycles. But slowly but steadily these silencers are gaining popularity in REs as well.

Inside a tail gunner
These silencers are simply a gem of a innovation. They are a eye-catchy and make heads turn with its loud and fast paced rotation. They are powered by the momentum provided by exhaust gases blowing at high speed. A section of the Tail Gunner continues to be in high speed rotation, while spinning in sync with the variable throttle of the motorcycle and varying engine rpm. It makes a bold impression, and is said to improve the bottom & mid-range power delivery.

For different variants of RE and HD, they can be effortlessly installed with a simple bolt-on installation. It rotates just like a machine gun, and will definitely remind you of Arnold's rotating barrel gun from The Terminator & The Predator.


After seeing the Royal Enfield with the tailgunner silencer, I tried to find out it's price. I came to know that at ebay a rotating silencer will cost you around Rs. 7000. A pretty worthy price I say.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

How Royal Enfield smoked Harley Davidson

Royal Enfield defeated Milwaukee-born Harley-Davidson in global sales

Our favorite Royal Enfield defeated the behemoth Harley Davidson, by selling over 30,000 more bikes globally in 2014. The Chennai based motorcycle manufacturer sold over 3 lakh bikes in 2014, while Harley managed to sell only 2.67 bikes worldwide. Thus RE marked a global growth of 70% while it was merely 3% for HD.

There is no competition between these two bike manufacturers globally, but since RE & HD are the only manufacturers of heavy segment bikes in India, it's definitely a noteworthy achievement. While the cheapest HD i.e. the Street 750 will cost you Rs. 5 lakhs, the most expensive edition of RE can be owned for less than Rs. 3 lakhs. On grounds of profit too, HD is way ahead of RE due to it's huge number of premium segment motorcycles. 
royal enfield vs harley davidson

A decade ago, the sales of RE was almost steady or seemed to plummet every now and then, but since reinventing the Bullet Classic, Thunderbird and introducing the new Continental GT, the sales have only gone northwards. Figuratively speaking, in December 2014 alone RE sold 28,634 units globally, thus recording a overall growth of 48% over the same period in 2013. In January too the company reported an amazing sell of 28,157 units which is 42% more than that of January 2014.

The next milestone for Royal Enfield is to grow their presence in the European market as well. This would definitely help them amass a lot of following from all over the globe.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Now, Royal Enfield comes with extended warranty

Royal Enfield has given the world another reason to show why it shares such a close coupling and religious following with it's fans and owners worldwide. The company recently stated that from 1st January 2015 onwards, Enfield owners in India can avail an extended warranty of 2 years or 20,000 km whichever occurs earlier from the date of sale.

Royal Enfield extended warranty
Royal Enfield now comes with extended warranty
Since it's humble beginning in 1955, Royal Enfield as a brand has instilled faith among its users and since then the Chennai based two-wheeler manufacturer has set a benchmark for quality and reliability. The introduction of the Cafe racer in 2013, marked a brand new chapter for the company which will determine the course and progress of the company in the years to come.

Until 2014, the company provided a warranty of 1 year and 10,000 km, which was considered to be quite less. But with this gallant move of doubling the warranty period has brought solace to the hearts of millions of Enfield fans.

This move would definitely impact the sales of Royal Enfield positively and propagate goodwill and trust among potential buyers. Currently the company sells a number of brands the most popular being the Bullet Classic, Thunderbird, Electra & the newly launched Continental GT. As all these bikes are used largely for touring long distances over rough terrain, this move would surely slingshot their sales in the years to come.

Motorcycle diaries Part 1.2: Discovering Goa on Royal Enfield

Discovering Goa on 2 Enfields

In our earlier post, you came to know how the wolf pack of Joseph, Jason, Nathan, Chinmay and Winner decided to travel to Goa from Pune on two-wheelers. The obvious chariots of our choice were 2 Royal Enfields, but unfortunately Jason opted out and declared that he would prefer discovering the coastal state on his 4-wheeler ( such a weenie ).

28th December

Anyhow, after taking a tea break we entered Goa at 4.20pm and the board was a sight for sore eyes. It said, Goa 0 km.
Goa milestone
Goa milestone

After driving for 30 km, we reached Mapusa. The area was jam packed due to the peak season and most of the streets were blocked or had been marked as one way. We rode for another half an hour until we reached Parra. As the trip was an unplanned one, we started looking for accommodation facilities. We asked a number of places, but the hotels were either pre-occupied or we demanding excessive amounts. After cooling down, we finally found a small one room house ( which was sort of a resting place for a watchman ) and started unpacking our bags. The owner was quite friendly and lenient and allowed us to do whatever we wanted during our stay there.

Goa trip on royal enfield parra
A Chick Posing at Parra

At that very moment, we came to know that Jason was about to reach Goa on 29th December & had a place of his own. So we booked the place for only 2 days. After having a bath, we laid down and started planning our days. But as none of us craved alcohol, cigarettes or any other substance ( complete teetotaler ) hopping across bars and pubs were out of the picture.

At 9 pm we got dressed, left our belongings at the apartments and saddled our respective Royal Enfields. We started riding for Baga, and after numerous police checkpoints and one way roads we realized that we had absolutely forgot our way back to the apartment at Parra. We stopped our bikes and evaluated this gravely serious situations by laughing out loud and rolling on the roadside with feats of laughter. We decided, while in Goa we should keep such serious things at bay and carry on with wherever the road would take us. We reached Baga at 9.30, parked our bikes and sat at a nearby shack. We could barely hear the thundering sound of the waves crashing as it was completely overshadowed by the loud trance and dub-steps that were being played at every single shack there.

After trying a few delicacies, we left the beach only to indulge ourselves in a pool session in Titto's. There each one of us had a Shwarma, packed a few Rum balls and continued our search for our apartment. After a few wrong turns and a great ride, we reached our apartment by 11.45 pm.

29th December 

All of us woke up at 8.30 am and pampered our Thunderbird and Electra with a good wash. Had tea at a local stall which was really appalling, and headed towards Palolem . Palolem attracted a lot of tourist and was situated in South Goa. As we were in North Goa, we had to cross a stretch of 90 km to reach there. First we went to Mapusa, then rode to Panaji and had our lunch at The Great Punjab. The food of simply awesome and so was the capital. It clearly reflected the heritage of the state and the Portuguese influence present till this very day. From Panji we travelled to Margaon, and found out that we had missed Palolem by miles. Hence we resorted to the nearest beach, i.e. Colva. We reached Colva at 4 pm. Parked our bikes and sat at a shack. We walked for a few minutes till we found a quiet shack and listened to the roaring sea. The view was simply stunning, so was the breeze. We stayed there for 4 hours which seemed like few minutes and had Shawarma at a local food truck and left at 8.30 pm.

Goa trip on royal enfield colva beach
Relaxing at Colva
 We reached home at 10 pm, and were really tired. Nathan and Joseph had a bad headache and decided to stay inside the house. Chinmay decided to grab a bite at a local hotel, which was the perfect example of disgusting food, while Winner gathered his energy to meet Jason, who had arrived in Calangute and was struck in traffic. After meeting Jason at Baga and having a great meal at one of the shacks, Winner returned at 4 am.

Goa trip on royal enfield at colva at night
Serine and secluded ambiance at Colva

30th December

We woke up at 8am and bathed, got dressed and left the room at 12pm. We called Jason to meet up at Mapusa, so that we can store our bags in his car. After keeping our belongings we kept the basic necessities with us and had a sumptuous brunch at Navratan. We left at 1 pm and went straight to Vagator, the home of Sunburn. We found a lot of hippies there and most of them had come there after partying at Sunburn. We sat at one of the shacks and had a few glasses of Mocktails. Then we headed for a local restaurant and had a aloo paratha to fill our bellies.

Then we left for Morjim, which is known for its seclusion, peace and solace. We reached Morjim at 5pm and stayed there till 11pm. We found a few guys who also hailed from Pune, but all of them were heavily intoxicated. And believe me its funny to chat with a guy who is blurred out of his senses. The beach and the local ambiance was so serine we thought of spending the complete night there at the beach. But the local attendant from the shack said that a foreign marriage was scheduled for 31st, hence they would be closing the beach and start decorating. Am sure the wedding is definitely going to be a memorable one.

Goa trip on royal enfield morjim ar night
Morjim at night
It was 11pm, and we decided to leave and meet up with Jason at Mapusa. It was really dark at some places, but thanks to the projector lamps of Royal Enfield Thunderbird, it made it felt bright as day. Jason mounted the Thunderbird with Joseph and Nathan, and myself (Chinmay) & Winner rode alongside on the Electra. We reached Jason's house at 12.30 am after a chilly yet rejuvenating ride.


31st December

After a tedious journey, all of us were completely beat up. So we woke up at 11 am, and headed straight towards Navtara at Mapusa to fill our hungry bellies. After a sumptuous meal we decided to head towards Candolim. The traffic that day was intense. But thanks to our agile bikes, we were able to cut through traffic past the huge rows of cars and reached the beach at 2.30 pm. On arriving there we were surprised to see the wave of people coming in and out of the beach. We tried to find a secluded place after parking our bikes, but couldn't find any. After resting in a shack for a few hours we noticed that the weather became cloudy and feared that it might rain anytime. So without further ado we left for Anjuna.

And such was the traffic on our way to Anjuna we thought that we might not even reach there my sunset. We fueled our bikes and waited in line in an ATM, and finally reached there at 7 pm. There were a number of parties going around and we could hear loud psychedelic and trance music being played everywhere. We even saw a hoard of  bikers who had come to Anjuna to celebrate. We checked out a few bikes, shopped for a bit and went straight to the beach. 
New Year Celebration Goa
New Year celebration at Anjuna
Joseph and I went inside a bar to get some food but which later turned out to be a private party, so we immediately left the place and went to Avalon to have some food. At around 10 pm we played pool at a local shop for a few hours and then resorted back to the beach to celebrate the new year. We stayed at a shack till it turned 12, and to celebrate the moment had a yummy chocolate milkshake along with a few Sneakers. 
The ambiance was absolutely amazing. The beach was lit up with firecrackers and we could also see people flying paper lanterns. All in all it was a sight to behold. Later that night we met Jason who was partying with a few other people and left for our home.

1st January 2015

It was a big day. Not only did we step into a new year, but also it was the day when we had to leave Goa. We washed our bikes and did a few repairs on the Thunderbird and Electra and put our packed bags in Jason's car. Then we rode off.
Goa trip on royal enfield thunderbrd & electra
Our magnificent chariots ( Electra & Thunderbird )
 On our way we met a few riders on our way who had similar travel plans as ours. We greeted each other and with a heavy heart crossed the borders of Goa.

Our next destination was Kolhapur, and the details of the epic journey would be shared soon