Thursday, 5 February 2015

The mystery of the "Bullet Baba Temple"

Weird story about Royal Enfield Bullet

Royal Enfield has always cherished a larger than life fan following in India and is even considered to be a pseudo-religion in its own. But you would be surprised to know that at Om Banna near Jaipur there actually exists a Bullet Baba Temple, where villagers & travellers worship a 350 cc Bullet.
Bullet Baba temple
The 350cc Bullet at Om Banna
Om Banna is a shrine located in the Pali district near Jaipur. In 1988, Om Singh Rathode was travelling from the town of Bangdi to Chotia. Suddenly he lost control of his Bullet and stuck a tree. The sheer impact killed him on the spot and landed the motorcycle in a ditch. Next morning, local police took the Bullet from the ditch to a nearby police station. Next day the bike was reported to be missing from the police impound, only to be traced back to the site of the accident. Police again took the bike back to the impound, but this time, emptied the fuel tank and locked it with chains. Despite such desperate measures, the motorcycle again disappeared and was again traced back to the accident site. If legendas are to be believed, the Bullet kept returning to the ditch and foiled every attempt made by the police.
Om Banna
The tree where it all happened
Such supernatural recurring events were nothing short of a miracle and soon it became a figure to be worshipped. Villagers started worshiping the Bullet and in no time people from adjacent villages too started visiting to worship the motorcycle. According to popular beliefs, Om Singh Rathode's ( aka Om Banna ) spirit aids distressed travellers. The temple has a tree decorated with bangles & scarves and the temple beside the holy Enfield motorcycle has a large picture of Singh. Poonam Giri has been maintaining the temple for the past 20 years and has been appointed as the acting priest.

The shrine of Om Banna, where Royal Enfield Bullet is worshiped draws its name from Om Singh Rathode, the person who lost his life in the accident and is popularly known as the "Bullet Baba Temple". It was erected at the same place where the accident took place, and passersby bow down and pray to keep troubles at bay. The temple of Bullet Baba is 20 km from Pali on National Highway 65.
Baba Ji ki jai !!

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