Thursday, 19 February 2015

Royal Enfield will expand & set up technology centre in the United Kingdom

If sources are to be believed, Royal Enfield is about to expand and has invested over 52 million Pounds to set up a couple of technology centers. One of these centers would be set up in the hometown of RE, i.e. Chennai and the other one at the United Kingdom. The aim of these technology center is to help them revolutionize the technology associated with the motorcycle and as well as help them increase annual production.

royal enfield uk expansion
Royal Enfield expands in Chennai & UK
2014 was an immensely fruitful year for the 114 year old motorcycle producer. It was able to sell over 3 lakh units globally, and shadowed the sales of Harley Davidson. Now they want to up the ante and rev up the production to 4.5 lakh units per year. The current production facility and resources allow them to generate only 4 lakh units. But the opening of these 2 technology centers would help them churn out many more beasts per year and meet the global demand.

Apart from the above mentioned reasons, RE also wants to attain better grip on the global mid-sized motorcycle market. Construction and setting up of these centers is undergoing under a steady pace, and the UK center would be operational by the end of 2015, while the Chennai plat will be up and running by 2016.

Opening of such technology and R&D hubs would definitely help RE remain at par with the tech quotient of their motorcycles while strictly adhering to the cool retro vibe of the 60's. Also, the increase in production would help to reduce the long waiting period associated with Royal Enfield while promoting pure motorcycling globally.

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