Saturday, 14 March 2015

Royal Enfield in Jay Leno's Garage

Jay Leno is a household name in America, as he hosted the popular television show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno from 1992 to 2009. Apart from that he is a serious petrol head and has a website of his own named Jay Leno's Garage. He loves automobiles and owns an astounding 286 vehicles, which comprises of 69 automobiles and 117 motorcycles. And guess what, Royal Enfield is part of his garage too.

royal enfield sidecar in jay leno garage

In his website and YouTube channel he posts a number of videos related to all the vehicles he owns. In one of those videos he explained why one can find a Royal Enfield in Jay Leno's Garage. Well, the answer was simple," I love this thing. I have a lot of fun with it", Leno said. In that video he said that the most appealing feature of a Enfield was it's classic retro British look. It handled well and unlike other sports bikes, one can make complete use of the power that the bike has to offer.

"Is it the fastest bike in the world? No. But its so much fun, and whenever I go some places with it, people come up and comment on it. And people love to ride on the side car", Leno stated. Royal Enfield Vice President, Ron Greene was also on the show and introduced Jay to the two versions of sidecars made by RE. One was a German type sidecar called the EURO and the other a bullet shaped, ROCKET which also happens to be the most popular of the two.

Royal enfield sidecars in jay leno's garage
The Rocket and the Euro sidecars

He even said that these sidecars can be readily fitted to any RE, but also comes with a universal kit that allows a customer to attach them to other bikes as well. Jay Leno even appreciated the pinstriped tanks of the Chennai based automobile manufacturer, and said that these bikes truly showcased epic craftsmanship, upgraded for the modern era.

After taking a rejuvenating test ride on the RE, Mr. Leno defined the experience as riding a canoe on the highway at 70mph. The sidecar was really helpful, and can be used to keep groceries and books, (if not occupied by someone) and can relieve you of heavy backpacks. Also the sidecars have a locking compartment at the back that can be used to store helmet or other essentials. The Euro model of the sidecar comes with it's own breaking system thus making it more reliable and safe.

To this Jay said that he once fitted a RE sidecar on 1932 Henderson KJ, and had to rely on the breaking mechanism of the sidecar as the motorcycle had none. Both Rocket and the Euro has the capability of rain-hood and also has a suspension system in place.

On that episode of Royal Enfield in Jay Leno's garage, Jay went for a spin with the motorcycle fitted with the sidecar. He said that the experience was fun, as the rider won't tip over and doesn't have to worry about stepping his feet down. For those who are afraid of balancing a motorcycle, yet are curious about the fun of motorcycling, sidecars are a great way to start on. But beware, splitting lanes and cutting corners definitely becomes a bit tricky.

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