Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Tailgunner Silencer: A rotating exhaust for your Royal Enfield

A few days ago I caught a glimpse of a Tailgunner for Royal Enfield while roaming through the streets. It was simply awesome to hear the loud thumping of the Thunderbird along with the rotating silencer, who's speed was synchronized with the bike's throttle. It is one of those rate occasions when you get to catch a glimpse of these amazing exhausts, that too on a RE. So I tried to find out it's price.
Rotating silencer for royal enfield
Rotating silencer

These exhausts were made popular when they were fitted to the Harley Davidson motorcycles. But slowly but steadily these silencers are gaining popularity in REs as well.

Inside a tail gunner
These silencers are simply a gem of a innovation. They are a eye-catchy and make heads turn with its loud and fast paced rotation. They are powered by the momentum provided by exhaust gases blowing at high speed. A section of the Tail Gunner continues to be in high speed rotation, while spinning in sync with the variable throttle of the motorcycle and varying engine rpm. It makes a bold impression, and is said to improve the bottom & mid-range power delivery.

For different variants of RE and HD, they can be effortlessly installed with a simple bolt-on installation. It rotates just like a machine gun, and will definitely remind you of Arnold's rotating barrel gun from The Terminator & The Predator.


After seeing the Royal Enfield with the tailgunner silencer, I tried to find out it's price. I came to know that at ebay a rotating silencer will cost you around Rs. 7000. A pretty worthy price I say.


  1. u want to buy this but where can I

    1. Hi Somesh,

      You can either buy it online from a number of motorcycle accessories shops or from any RE certified shop (which i rather doubt). A friend of mine got it from ebay. Link provided in the post itself. But make sure that you get the original stuff that fits properly to your version of RE.

  2. It is easily available on the market , or any other online area available to buy it?..