Tuesday, 10 February 2015

16 reasons why you should never buy a Royal Enfield

I bet, most of us at some point of our lives would have been fascinated with a Royal Enfield. We were so blinded with its sheer power and grace, that we almost neglected it's flaws.
So to simply prove a point, I have penned down, 16 reasons stating why you should never buy a Enfield.
why you should never buy a royal enfield

  1. They are so ugly that they make heads turn.
  2. It generates a lot of thumping which unintentionally excites you
  3. Riding a Bullet provides more fun per litre than any other bike. Hence it is a skid mark in our abysmal monotonous life.
  4. It compels you to leave your house and take unwanted long rides.
  5. You start to care more for your bike than yourself.
  6. You arrive late at  family functions, even though you are happy.
  7. You get addicted to leaning your bike at sharp turns.
  8. You waste a lot of your time by taking the long way to home.
  9. Paparazzi might have a thing or two for your bike. 
  10. While riding other bikes, it would feel as if you are riding rice rockets.
  11. In extreme circumstances, you might even become popular which will make you feel like the slutty sister of prestige (Source - Birdman)
  12. You have to say "No" to your friends every time they wish to have a quick ride.
  13. Road trips with you car won't excite you as it used to.
  14. You would miss getting sore saddles within short distances.
  15. Each of the bikes are hand painted. Such a turn off. Who would ever want their bikes to be personally pinstriped by an artist.
  16. You would start making lame efforts of cornering your car as well.
    cornering a car

Thus for all the haters out there, we have put forward the exact reasons, why people should never buy a Royal Enfield.
Feel free to comment and let others aware of other such shortcoming, if any.


  1. And angry spouse too, jus Incase u prefer d single seat

  2. If you have a bullet and you're just going to somewhere, girls in b/w your path will see you as you're just roaming around them! It always happens in Punjab!
    Please have a look at my blog too! Here's the link- www.dynamicrawal.blogspot.com

    1. Lol..
      Nice blog man..Keep it up :)

    2. Because everyone knows punjabis are chutiye

  3. The bikes are shit. I would have paid 10k 20k more for better quality spares.
    My 150cc honda can reach a top speed higher that this.
    Service centres suck even more
    all the bike is good at is vibration.
    perhaps its like vibrator on steroids.

    to clonclude.
    Royal BULL-SHIT. . i mean bullet

    1. Right you are brother. This is the worst piece of overpriced machine ever built. No technology, no comfort and all-in-all the service centres are the worst. They can't solve any issue, located at some outskirt and working like government offices. All you royal enfield lovers go and get a test ride of other equal costing bikes and you can feel the technology difference. This company is the worst and people advising other people to get this bikes are dumb as a block of wood. Suspension is the worst, fuel indicator does not do its job well, water leakage in tank (seriously, they cant even solve this problem and advise on applying a fuel cap, WTF??) Cant solve noise issues. Hell they cant even service a bike properly. And royal enfield has been making money on the same old engine for years, just a tweak here and there and they call it a new technology. What a bunch of losers. And morever they don't even take cognizant for any complaints. A bunch of money monger losers who have no vision and standards (paradox to RE standard). I always suggest anyone buying one RE to rethink other options. By the way i have a RE thunderbird 2012 model myself, so i know what i am talking about.