Friday, 20 February 2015

The moment when U.S. President Barrack Obama gave thumbs up to Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield bike stunt on the 66th Republic Day parade

It was a sunny holiday, and we Indians were celebrating our National Holiday. We were filled with patriotism and were jubilant and relaxed, thanks to the 3 day long weekend. Most of us were glued to our respective television sets and were watching the Republic Day parade at the Rajpath. But one thing that grabbed my attention was when President Barrack Obama gave thumbs up to BSF daredevils, mounted over their Royal Enfield.

barrack obama thums up republic day bike stunt
Barrack Obama while watching Bike Stunts on Republic Day at Rajpath
President Obama was the first American President to be the Chief Guest at the Republic Day parade. He & first lady Michelle Obama, sat beside Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to gaze upon the processions. They witnessed various tabloids from various states that showcased Indian heritage, culture, landscape and various technology used by the Indian Army. After that, it was time for the bike stunts. It was the segment of the parade that I and million others had relished since childhood and still it never ceases to amazes us.

66th republic day bike stunt
Some of the stunts performed
The Border Security Force (BSF) stunt riders, also known as India's Daredevils or Janbaaz, performed various stunts while aboard their Royal Enfield. Their showcased various formations which were an extraordinary feat in itself. The flexibility, control, balance and motorcycling expertise was simple impeccable. Check out all the stunts performed in the video below

Even the POTUS acknowledged that and gave them a thumbs up. "I saw the Republic Day daredevils on Royal Enfield motorcycles," Mr Obama said, addressing 2000 people at Delhi's Siri Fort auditorium. He joked saying, "Unfortunately the secret service doesn't let me ride motorcycles, especially not on my head". Michelle Obama too was awed by their performance and couldn't stop applauding.

Later while addressing various top CEOs, President Obama said, "I would, by the way, not drive a motorcycle after watching those incredible acrobats,". He was so impressed by the performance of the stunt riders on the 66th Republic Day parade, he mentioned them three times while conversing that day.

When Barrack Obama gave thumbs up to Royal Enfield, it was a huge promotion in itself, and soon after, the Chennai based motorcycle manufacturer declared the launch of two technology centers. After all, getting a thumbs up from the world's 2nd most powerful man does matter a lot.

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