Friday, 3 January 2014

Get a GRIP !!!

Most of us are enthralled by a motorcycle's look,performance,handling and sound because these are the only qualities that can be examined by our senses. But we seldom think that it is the contact and friction between the tyres and the tarmac that defines the bike's performance ( and also adds to its aesthetics) and without a good set of tyres even an expensive motorcycle would be crippled.
In this post I would emphasize on the quality and the variety of tyres used in high performance motorcycles especially MotoGP.

Shoes for MotoGP motorcycles

Describing MotoGP motorcycle tyres as mere shoes would be an understatement because these amazing tyres having a contact area of that of a credit card provides peak power of around 240 bhp and top speed of roughly 350kmph to a motorcycle weighing at least 160kgs.
Wait...more exciting info coming soon!