Sunday, 22 March 2015

Why does Punjabis love Royal Enfield?

Punjab, a state in the north-west part of India. Best known for their mouth watering dishes, friendly people and picturesque locations. But one striking thing one would notice being an Indian, is their unconditional love for Royal Enfield. That's not all, people from Haryana, Chandigarh and other prominent provinces which shares a close proximity to Punjab simply adores these motorcycles. So whats so special about a brand that makes all Punjabis drool over it?

Punjabi Royal Enfield

RE has always relished a loyal and larger than life fan following of their motorcycles in India, but I can definitely say, the passion and following these motorcycles get is greater than any other state. So quench my curiosity, I reached out and asked a few netizens, why Punjabis love Royal Enfield, and the answer were as follows:

  1. They are mavericks - Punjabi folks are spontaneously honest, and they do whatever they feel like doing. They don't want others to manipulate their life and interfere with their interests. They like heavy bikes, that are loud, fast, and easy to maneuver on highways, cities and even on the field. They don't mind spending a few bucks to modify their motorcycles that reflect who they are.

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    Modified Royal Enfield by Rajputana Customs
    1. True patriots - It is a known fact that Indian army chose RE Bullets over other motorcycles. The sole reason being the reliability, rigidity and sturdiness provided by these bikes. As Punjab lies close to the Indian border and most of the families are somehow related to the Indian, the riding experience and sight of Army personnel riding Royal Enfield motorcycles became a common affair, which later turned into a legacy. Now most of the current owners of the new RE say that they grew up watching their grandfathers or their fathers riding one.
    2. Pushing their own limits - Punjabis are petrol heads. Yes, many people in other states might be crazy for automobiles as well, but when it comes to Haryana/ Punjab, it take a whole new definition. They like roaming around on their Mahindra Thar, while the roof stripped off and big rimmed wheels. Also their Enfields are completely customized, that are chopped off for power and polished for their looks. One such simple example was provided by Bobby Costa. The speedometer of this Classic reads ( Slow, Fast, Very Fast, Storm, Bullet, Victory ). And they can pull some crazy stunts on these heavy bikes as well.

    3. Big is better - Thanks to good old gene pool, most Punjabis are blessed with a good body structure. Thus making other bikes look tiny or not so masculine. And as RE had been in India since the inception of motorcycling, hence it was the obvious option.
    4. Chicks dig it - Punjabi kudis (girls) are considered to be the epitome of beauty, and boy do they love Enfields. Generally all REs are comfy, reliable and are synonym for thrill which makes these motorcycles even more desirable. So men had to respond in kind and flaunt their own Bullet

    So this pretty much sums up the basic reason why Punjabis love and are so obsessed with Royal Enfield. But in case you feel there might be some other reason why RE enjoys such a religious following in Punjab, feel free to comment or critique.
    But till then drink some lassi and keep on thumping.

    Sat Sri Akaal (ਸਤਿ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਅਕਾਲ)

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