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7 Packing tips for motorcycle touring

Motorcycle touring is great fun. But when it comes to road trips on motorcycles, packing your essentials carefully does play a vital role. Generally while embarking a trip, we look into every detail including, routes, accommodations, destinations to visit and possible rest areas. But seldom do we plan while packing our luggages.
packing tips motorcycle touring

There are some travelers, who like traveling with the bare necessities, i.e. only with an extra pair of socks and toothbrush. But for the not so spontaneous travelers, you need to keep the below mentioned things in mind while packing for your next adventure.

    motorcycle packing
  1. Sorry Sir! No boot space - With car comes boot space, but with motorcycles, well, not so much. Even if you have a full fledged touring motorcycle, space is one thing which you don't have in abundance. So you need to pack the basic necessities in the order of priority. If you don't have a touring bike, then you need to make sure that harnessing your luggage should not wreck any on your belongings. So keep fragile items at bay.
  2. Small things come in big packages - Do you really need a month long supply of hair gel and toothbrush on a trip which would only span a weekend? So travel with a decent amount of belongings like a single comb, a small tube of toothpaste/ hair gel, small bottle of cologne, stuffs like that. Make sure that you throw the cardboard casing of these resources before keeping it in your bag. They do take up a lot of space and during your trip no one would ask for detailed description of the products you personally use.
  3. Bags that are slim yet sexy - While packing you need to maintain a delicate balance between the amount the things you can stack in your bag and also how heavy and bulky your bag would feel once its all wrapped up. If you over pack, it might prevent you from taking hassle-free long rides and can also jeopardize the condition of the contents in it. If you too much empty space, your travel bag would transform into a sack/ sachet and might not even be able to withstand the gusts of wind while riding.
  4. Bullet-proof vests: Check - Come on ! There is no need for you to travel with your complete wardrobe. But while touring, emphasize on packing thin layered clothing. They are light, flexible and almost wrinkle free.
  5. Man vs Bike - Touring is a strenuous affair, but it doesn't burn a lot of calories. After all it's you motorcycle which is doing all the hard work over miles of asphalt. But when hunger strikes or in case of emergency, make sure you always carry a few sticks of energy bars and few bottles of water with electrolyte. And once you are done eating or having the reserve snacks make sure you visit the immediate gas to refill your reserve.

    packing for your bike trip
  6. Packing, work of art - While packing, try your level best to make you packing in the form of a pyramid, so that all the weight is evenly distributed horizontally. So that when you lean or take sharp turns, the weight of your baggage gets evenly distributed on both sides. Put the heavier and more rigid items below, followed by the lighter ones on top. Such arrangement will ensure proper packing and also provide a proper structure to your bags.

  7. The mechanic in you - Even if yours is a well maintained bike, prior to your trip make sure you check your motorcycle's tires, controls, lights, oil & fluid, chassis & stands. Also ensure that the motorcycle tool-kit is present at a points of time. If you would be using a GPS, make sure that the relevant maps are loaded in it, and is properly charged.

    Motorcycle touring tool kit
The above mentioned points are just the tip of an iceberg. When it comes to motorcycling touring the expectation varies from person to person and their own taste. So, travel light, pack only what's needed and most importantly travel safe.
And don't worry if you ever forget your way during the trip. Cherish the moment, enjoy the nature and remember "Not all those who wander are lost".

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