Monday, 16 February 2015

Royal Enfield CEO, Mr. Lal narrates why owners are in love with their Enfields

The distinct flavour i.e. Pure Motorcycling, that sets Royal Enfield apart

Royal Enfield, the oldest production motorcycle brand has definitely stood the test of time. But every now and then, it receives criticism from the masses while being compared to the heavy and powerful machines that the current market has to offer. To clear the fog, Eicher Motors CEO & Managing Director Siddhartha Lal stepped forward and explained why Enfield motorcycle has such a devoted fan following, and why it still produces retro motorcycles and not bulky expensive ones.

Lal's answer was simple, short & straight-forward. "Pure motorcycling", thats what RE has and will always stand for. He said that over the years, motorcycles has become bulky, expensive and horrendously powerful, thus becoming objects to own & not enjoy. Motorcycle industry can be roughly segregated into two categories.
  • For daily commuting needs ( Small bikes )
  • Leisure motorcycling ( RE )
But the current market trend and desire for more powerful motorcycle has generated giants featuring over a litre capacity engines and havings specs of over 180 hp. Thus it is almost impossible for men/ women riding it to get the complete potential out of these motorcycles without risking their lives. To add up, owning, insuring and maintaining such a motorcycle over a period of time, will burn a hole in your pocket.

He said that, back in the 60's the motorcycling kingdom was dominated by the mid-sized motorcycles, the likes of Royal Enfield, Triumph & Norton. But with time these mid-sized bikes evolved into large bike and people gradually started reverting from the mid-segment motorcycles. But Lal's vision is to bring back the glory days and instill faith and attachment of the people with mid-sized motorcycles with the pure motorcycling experience.

According to Lal, every motorcycle produced by RE is easily accessible and is built for joy and not for ego. They have great handling and have ample and most importantly creates a strong bond with the rider. Finally Lal revealed the significant quality of Royal Enfield that makes millions drool over it. He said, “Motorcycling must be accessible. The bikes must be easy to ride, easy to modify and to maintain. If you drop the bike, you should be able to pick it up, and keep riding.” Siddhartha has put in a lot of hard work over the past decade to bring RE to the position it currently relishes. He recently launched RE in Colombia and has strong presence in over 20 countries.

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