Friday, 13 February 2015

Royal Enfield exclusive store launch in Bogota, Colombia

In 18th July 2014, Corbeta group became the exclusive distributor of Royal Enfield in Colombia, with total control over supply, service, marketing and distribution of RE products. In early 2015, RE finally launched their motorcycles in Colombia, which included the Bullet, Classic, Continental GT as well as the Rumbler range. The Corbeta group subsequently opened new showrooms to set the dealer sub-frame.
royal enfield colombia
The Store
Finally in 10th February 2015, RE Columbia invited specialized media in Bogota to showcase their complete portfolio and also to give them the opportunity to experience "Pure Motorcycling". This term that was coined by CEO Siddhartha Lal, about which he explained in an interview in 2014. In the event organized, invited riders were given the opportunity to tour Bogota on the Royal Enfield of their choice. The tour started from the winding scenic roads of Bogota up to the Tomine dam, and back. The riders finished their journey by sun down and arrived at the Avenue 19, Street 134, thus marking the formal opening of the official store.
royal enfield colombia
royal enfield colombia

The crowd carefully analyzed & scrutinized each and every automotive marvel from the stables of RE. At the end they found the Continental GT & the Classic to be the most alluring and elegant. For them, the GT was quintessentially a cafe racer inspired from the 1965 model, and the Classic was a splendid concoction of a street motorcycle with beautiful retro-styling resembling that of the post-war era. The Classic for the Colombian crowd was really intriguing, which radiated the heritage of RE as a company and also strengthened the bond between man & motorcycle. Pure motorcycling indeed!

The tour started with 23 riders saddling over a number of Classics, Rumbler, Bullet & the Continental GT. They started off from the Tramonti restaurant, and stopped at a beautiful landscape for an official photo session. Then all the riders thumped their way to the town of Guatavita, and finally to Tomine. All the riders had their lunch there, but were confined to the restaurant there due to heavy rain. This was an excellent opportunity for the riders to chat and share their individual experience about their motorcycle to others. After another session of photography over the beautiful landscape in the afternoon, they headed back to the capital.
royal enfield launch colombia
The concept of the store is quite typical and resembles those in other nations as well. The store would have ample space and a feel good ambiance. There were only a single motorcycle of each brand in the display, which acted as a framework for their new collection, i.e. the "Dispatch Riders".

Royal Enfield Colombia will also launch various accessories and riding gear in their store as well. The aim of the Chennai based motorcycle manufacturer has always been to be at the pinnacle of mid-segment capacity motorcycles, in the 350 to 500 cc range. So to mark a step forward towards achieving this goal, RE launched their bikes in the fast growing Colombian market.

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