Tuesday, 3 February 2015

How Royal Enfield smoked Harley Davidson

Royal Enfield defeated Milwaukee-born Harley-Davidson in global sales

Our favorite Royal Enfield defeated the behemoth Harley Davidson, by selling over 30,000 more bikes globally in 2014. The Chennai based motorcycle manufacturer sold over 3 lakh bikes in 2014, while Harley managed to sell only 2.67 bikes worldwide. Thus RE marked a global growth of 70% while it was merely 3% for HD.

There is no competition between these two bike manufacturers globally, but since RE & HD are the only manufacturers of heavy segment bikes in India, it's definitely a noteworthy achievement. While the cheapest HD i.e. the Street 750 will cost you Rs. 5 lakhs, the most expensive edition of RE can be owned for less than Rs. 3 lakhs. On grounds of profit too, HD is way ahead of RE due to it's huge number of premium segment motorcycles. 
royal enfield vs harley davidson

A decade ago, the sales of RE was almost steady or seemed to plummet every now and then, but since reinventing the Bullet Classic, Thunderbird and introducing the new Continental GT, the sales have only gone northwards. Figuratively speaking, in December 2014 alone RE sold 28,634 units globally, thus recording a overall growth of 48% over the same period in 2013. In January too the company reported an amazing sell of 28,157 units which is 42% more than that of January 2014.

The next milestone for Royal Enfield is to grow their presence in the European market as well. This would definitely help them amass a lot of following from all over the globe.

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