Monday, 9 February 2015

An artist's canvas: Hand-painting a Royal Enfield

Apart from numerous accolades which were embraced by the Chennai based motorcycle manufacturer, pinstriping or hand-painting of every Royal Enfield persists to be an amazing feat. Especially when a company sells over 3 lakh bikes in 2014.
pinstriped royal enfield
Someone's Enfield, someone's canvas
Technology and demand has steered automobile manufacturers to adopt computerized vinyl cutters and robotic arms to paint almost each and every elements. Hence the art of pinstriping has transformed into a dying art, and have been resorted only for very intricate details or enthusiasts who don't mind spending a fortune on paint jobs.

But for RE, precision and epic craftsmanship has always been the important factors that differentiated them from other bike makers globally. So in the assembly line, over 300 skilled people assemble the bike ground up and even hand paint them.

Royal Enfield is proud to hand-paint each and every motorbike they've produced and make sure that it is still done the old fashioned way. They hire the steadiest hands and let them use the motorcycle as their canvas. In an episode of Jay Leno's garage,Vice President Ron Greene of Royal Enfield US said that the artistic pin-striping on RE is done by two brothers, whose identity weren't revealed. Even though RE ensures that their creations evolve with time, but strictly involves human intervention in their manufacturing line. And this is the aspect that provides every RE, it's soul.

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