Tuesday, 10 March 2015

New Royal Enfield Continental GT. The all black cafe racer

Of all the motorcycle variants produced by Royal Enfield, the Continental GT is definitely the meanest and fastest of them all due to obvious reasons. But with the new all black paint job, the cafe racer now looks even more meaner and deadlier than ever.
Black royal enfield continental gt
The all black cafe racer

Earlier, the GT was available in only 2 basic colors, i.e. red & yellow. But this new addition is definitely the best of the lot. Such is the influence of the new color combination, it will definitely lead among the other color variants( also check the poll on the right ). Being said that, I personally being a blue fanatic, I guess if in the near future a pale blue version of the Continental hits the market, it would even challenge the sales figure of the black GT.

When the RE cafe racer was first introduced in 2013, it was confidently imparted by CEO Siddhartha Lal that, red & yellow would be the only options available. But with noticeable  craze and demand of the revamped cafe racer of the 1960s, he was bound to introduce yet another radical coloring option of the GT. Hence we can definitely expect further color addition in the near future, for the cafe racer.

Also, in January 2015, it was mentioned that two new variants of the Cafe Racer can be expected later this year. These new 400cc & 600cc Royal Enfield Continental GT might also flaunt the black coloring option as well. Also, to surprise their faithful customers, they might even add the Chrome variant as well, which has already been launched in Canada. We can definitely expect some amazing improvements in these new GTs, but till then let us relish the black beauty. The new black edition of the Continental GT costs around Rs. 2,20,000 on-road in Pune.

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