Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Transformers disguised as a Royal Enfield

Yes, that is the only thing that came to my mind when I saw the completely modified Royal Enfield 1A Interceptor by Charlie Giordano, the owner of Tailgunner Exhausts. When I caught glimpse of this image, I was sure that if Transformers, be it Decepticons or Autobots, would have disguised themselves as a cafe racer or vintage motorcycle, it would definitely be the one.

modified royal enfield

It all started when Charlie was able to track down a RE 1A Interceptor. The Interceptors were manufactured by the 114 year of motorcycling company between the 1960s. During that period RE even tweaked the engine, with a 750cc engine (the 1A variant) and was launched in 1967. As a limited number of these elegant machines were produced, it is really hard to find one, especially after it has been out of production for the past 5 decades. And even though one finds it, the most obvious choice is to completely restore it with the available stock parts to it's former glory. But for the Tailgunner Exhaust owner, well, he had thought of something which was completely out of the box.

royal enfield interceptor modified with tailgunner silencer
The stunning console
best modified motorcycle royal enfield
Check out the Rum bottle, savvy eh!

When he finally got hold of the fallen beast, Mr. Giordano took a fresh sheet of paper and started sketching the design and overall styling of the motorcycle from scratch. He incorporated not one, but two of his finest gun-inspired rotating exhaust. Then he did something that is outright insane. As the bike shares a British root, he wanted to give the motorcycle, a touch of native authenticity. And what he thought of reflected his sheer genius. He attached a wax-sealed “Boston” liniment bottle to the motorcycle's fork leg filled to the brim with “a sailor’s daily ration of rum”, which was the old Royal Navy tradition.

modified royal enfield interceptor
Tail section crafted
using hand tools

The overall motorcycle looks just like a retro cafe racer, with a strong essence of royalty lingering with it. It exudes affluence in every way. The complete battery box is sculpted from wood cigar boxes and is embellished with fine hand-hammered copper strips. It even flaunts a pedestrian slicer on the front number plate, that shouts "GUNNER". Just like a true cafe racer, both the wheels are devoid of any fender and is equipped with a Manx-style fuel tank. 

When asked about why he chose to modify the Royal Enfield 1A Interceptor rather than restoring it to it's former glory, Charlie Giordano, the owner of Tailgunner Exhausts said, “I felt like a politician: No matter which way I vote, I’m going to displease about half the constituency.” I say, well done Sir. So what's your opinion?

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