Friday, 27 December 2013

Royal Enfield Continental GT Test Ride

On December 25th I approached the closest Royal Enfield showroom aka Brahma Motors to get my test ride. To ensure hassle free situation i had already registered myself online for the Continental GT's test ride. Before that day i hadn't seen the Cafe Racer with my own eyes and the only proof of the Continental GT was all the videos and pictures that i had seen on the internet. The bike stole my heart at the very first sight. Let me warn you people, Continental GT's unavoidable good looks and charisma might compel you to lose focus from your day to day jobs for a long stretch of time.
Here are a few pictures that i was able to click while i was at the showroom, but still viewing this beautiful beast is a feast for your eyes and something which you need to experience in person rather than sitting at home and looking at their photos online or from any other source.

The clip on handle bar along with the rear view mirrors are simply stunning.

Every minute detail gets amplified when you look at the bike. From the red stitches on the single seat to the retro mirror.

Driving experience

 The driving experience is phenomenal and when you sit on the bike stretching your lat muscles coupled with the loud thumping sound, it makes a lot of head turn and gives you the aggressive look.
The bike has amazing handling while you would slide and glide over banked curves . Even though its quite heavy and has a masculine 535cc engine you can cut traffic with ease.
The acceleration and braking is breathtaking thanks to the Pirelli tyres and Brembo brakes.
But still I found few flaws such as
  1. The rear suspension works perfectly at high speed but at moderate speed,if you come face to face with any ditch or pothole it doesn't absorb much of the jerk. Am not blaming the Paoli suspension but I think it can be made better with a few minor tweaks.
  2. The second problem, rather noticeable issue was the positioning of the rear brake pedal. Its a bit too high compared to the heel, so you always have to keep you feet adjusted, to avoid unnecessary braking. I hope Royal Enfield service center would come up with a fruitful solution.
  3. The third and the greatest flaw was that of the space between the silence and your feet. When the Continental GT comes to a standstill and you try to find the side-stand, you occasionally lean your bike sideways and while doing so if you have sheer bad luck your right feet might suffer from serious burn from the extremely hot silencer. An extension like that of Bajaj Pulsar might seem to be helpful.

Other facts..

I am thankful to Brahma Motors for giving a prompt response while i booked online for the test ride of this amazing vehicle. The procedure for test ride was also hassle free and even gave me in-depth info and suggestions regarding the dos and don't , once you own the bike.
The bike has certain must have accessories for which you need to pay extra. Some of them are as follows:
  • Rear view mirror
  • Custom silencer( pretty loud one = awesomeness \m/ )
  • Pillion rider Seat.
I personally feel among all of these, the Rear view mirror and the custom silencer are the two things that you should definitely opt for. The rear view mirror gives the bike a retro and vintage look and the silencer amplifies the signature Enfield thumping .
And regarding the pillion  rider seat. Well, you definitely would like a lady to be your pillion rider but you rather go (HAN) SOLO to get the optimum fun out of the Cafe Racer. 
If you opt for all the above accessories the Royale Enfield Continental would cost you around 2,20,000 on Road, Pune. As of now you can book yourself a Cafe Racer for Rs.5000 and you can pay the rest of the amount after 6 moths, when you get the bike delivered.

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