Sunday, 11 January 2015

The new Royal Enfield Continental GT with 400cc & 600cc engines

The new year has brought great news for all your Enfieldheads. Sources from Royal Enfield has confirmed that the company will bring forth 2 new bikes having a displacement of 400cc & 600cc. And these bikes would be based on the flagship of Royal Enfield Continental GT.
The Continental GT 535cc
Currently the company is working intensely to test these 2 monstrous engines. Also the company is focusing on being a bit lenient and listening to the customers' feedback and sculpting the bikes which would cater to the people's needs & requirements. According to the sources, these two new breed engines are expected to generate enormous torque. The 400cc variant is most likely to produce about 41 NM of torque, which is 13 NM more than current 350cc engine. While the massive 600cc engine would be producing 60 NM of torque, which is 19 NM more than the existing 500cc engine.

Royal Enfield also took into consideration the future pollution norms and hence they would probably introduce fuel injection into these upcoming bikes. The company is performing rigorous testing to eliminate any chances of error with these two variants of the new Continental GT.

The bikes are most likely to hit the market this year and the introduction of the new plant in Oragadam would probably speed up the production process which would cater to domestic as well as international needs.

So till then all we can do is, gather some patience and wait, which I am sure is asking a lot.

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