Thursday, 11 December 2014

Waiting period for Royal Enfield Bullet might increase

You don't need to be a Royal Enfield owner to know about the patience that is required until you can finally lay your hands over your personal Royal Enfield. Such is the craze and demand of the Bullet, or any other bike from the stables of the same that, to meet with everyone's demand, a customer has to wait an average of 6 months before he is handed over the key to his Royal Enfield.

Burnt Royal Enfield Bullets

But a recent accident with a container truck containing over 65 Royal Enfield Bullets might further stretch the waiting period for Royal Enfield Bullet. A Haryana registered container truck was carrying a consignment of 65 RE Bullets which unfortunately caught fire with all the cargo still inside it. The mishap took place at Aslali, near Ahmedabad in Gujarat. The truck was taking the bikes to Haryana and was parked in the transport bay. According to reports and eye witnesses, the container caught fire in the wee hours of the morning. To check the ablazed truck, and check the inferno, 2 firefighting trucks rushed to the scene and were able to put off the fire eventually. But inspite of their best efforts, they couldn't save the brand new Royal Enfield Bullets.

Thankfully, no-one was injured in the incident. Police have started investigating into this matter, but up till now haven't been able to come up with any concrete proof or source of the fire. The fire was intense and it burned through all 65 bikes. Such was the intensity that it completely melted the bikes' tyres and peeled off all traces of paints leaving behind only carbon residue, ash and the mere exoskeleton of the Bullets.

65 charred Royal Enfield Bullets

In India, in comparison to other bikes, the waiting period for Royal Enfield Bullet is considered to be the maximum. But after this mishap revolving around 65 Bullets, the waiting period would be stretched even further for some unlucky customers. After this incident, Royal Enfield incurred a loss of over 70 lakhs.

The investigation hopefully would be able to throw some light over the mishap.

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