Wednesday, 24 December 2014

DIY: How to kick start a Royal Enfield

And as the warm fuzzy summer days has gone with the winds, its time to embrace the cool foggy and in some cases, snowy winter. You can't complain about the cold winter motorcycle rides nor the picturesque locations you are bound to encounter, but kick starting a bike can be a pain in the butt. And for Royal Enfield owners, it might be a real concern. But actually it is just a myth. If you follow the steps properly, starting a Royal Enfield would be as easy as climbing the stairs.

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So the step-wise process to kick start a Royal Enfield is as follows:

  1. Keep the "Kill" switch in "On" position. It might seem obvious, but sometimes a minute mistake creates a great problem.
  2. Keep the fuel tap in "On" position.
  3. If engine is cold ( which would surely be the case in winter), push the gold colored choke lever located near your right knee. For Electra, you need to pull out the choke.
  4.  The compressor release should be engaged.
  5.  While the compressor release is engaged, try to kick start around 3 times. This helps to prime the engine and helps the starting mechanism, especially when the engine is stone cold.
  6. Turn the ignition on.
  7. Now the bike is turned on, choke is on, compressor release is engaged and the throttle is closed. At this point, gently move the kick start lever. If you look at the ammeter gauge, yo can see the needle deflect to the left and then return back to the center. As you slowly move the lever, you will notice the deflection of the ammeter needle. Move the lever a little further until the needle comes just in the middle. The center position of the ammeter's needle indicates that the piston is placed exactly where it should be for starting.
  8. The serious part is over. Now, release the compressor release and kick the bike.
    NOTE - While kick starting, strength in your hind limbs is not that important. So doing heavy squats doesn't necessarily mean that you are capable enough for kick starting a Royal Enfield. The secret is a long kick with a decent continuation ( go with the kick and don't mind stretching you legs).
If the steps are followed properly you would be able to breath life into the beast within 3-4 kicks. And believe me when I say this, once you master this technique, you would forget to ever place your thumb print over the electric starter. After all, kick starting a RE has a charisma of it's own.

In case you require any assistance, this video might come in handy.


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