Saturday, 22 November 2014

Royal Enfield facts and stories Part 2

In one of my recent posts, I had mentioned the history and legacy behind the Royal Enfield. There we had seen how the Royal Enfield, as a company migrated from the U.K to reestablish it's roots in India. We also saw some cool facts & stories related to Royal Enfield. Now we shall go further down the line and find out even more cool facts about Royal Enfield and know why every product from their stables make us drool. So, here it goes:

  1. Exporting bullets to the U.K -  After Royal Enfield migrated to India, it as known as Enfield India, and started manufacturing bikes in India itself. But England couldn't take their hands off Enfield Bullet for long. So to cater the demand, since 1984, Enfield India began exporting Enfield Bullet Motorcycles back to the UK. Isn't that obvious, who can keep a classic down and out of the reach of the British public for long. The desire to own a personal brand new Bullet, can make you do insane things.

  2. Enfield Taurus - In 1990, Enfield India produced a diesel motorcycle, known as  the Taurus. But sadly, this motorbike didn't do well commercially and the company had to stop producing them in 2002. However, the Enfield Taurus went on to achieve cult popularity and are currently an immense hit with collectors. You can read in detail about the Royal Enfield Taurus, here.

  3. Enfield gets it's Royal status back - In 1994, the name Enfield India reclaimed its past glory, when it's name was changed back to Royal Enfield. Thus Royal Enfield motorcycles were once again reverted back to their full and glorious existence. Credit goes to the success of Enfield India. In 2012’s The Motorbike Book put out this information is a quite catchy phrase. “It is a wonderful example of the empire striking back”. Star War fans must be chuckling right now.
  4. Royal Enfield's Concept Store - Royal Enfield has recently opened a ‘concept store’ in Select City Walk, Saket, New Delhi. The store has been designed to look exactly like the living room of a biker, but completely devoid of the messy oily rags strewn across the floor. The sole luminescence of the store is from the lights, that have been made out of old motorcycle headlamps. The store depicts the story of Royal Enfield and also showcases a disassembled Continental GT on one of the walls!
    Feel free to take the 360 degree tour of the store. As an Enfield fan, you've earned it. :)

  5. Royal Enfield exported to 42 different countries - Being the motorcycle that it is, Royal Enfield is exported to 42 countries across the globe. Although RE bikes have traditionally only been associated with the UK and India, the demand for them is global. The company currently exports to 42 countries, via 40 importers and over 300 dealers. Countries importing the motorcycles include the USA, Japan, Germany, and Argentina.

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